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Having been in Real Estate for 14 years, I understand how vital great training and support are to my success. Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors has done a magnificent job of training me on how to be a REALTOR and giving me so many free tools to achieve my goals. But those tools are only a minuscule part of success. The one factor that I know has launched my career ahead of all other REALTORS out there is having a Managing Broker who Motivates, Guides and LISTENS to my concerns. Since coming to the O'Fallon Office of CB Brown, My business has sky-rocketed. I attribute most of this to the constant encouragement, training, and knowledge of Mark. If you are looking to take your real estate career to the next level and stay on the cutting edge of the industry, this is the place to be and Mark is the best person to help you achieve your goals!

Joe Carroll, REALTOR

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Coldwell Banker Brown Real Estate Company O’Fallon has been my place of business over 25+ years. The support provided by the company free of charge includes an in-house Broker 5 days a week and reachable on the weekends if needed, attractive office building with supplies, and the best support available. Being able to provide the quality service to buyers and sellers is of upmost importance. Our office is a team we help each other, give support when asked, respecting one another at all times. The company provides on going education with weekly office meetings, continual advanced marketing classes, professional office space, which includes advertising and secretarial support at no additional cost to all Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors.

These and many more reasons are why I have a continual loyalty to Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors. The company train and provide all the help needed so REALTORS can be the very best we can be for all who need Real Estate help, making the “move” as stress free as possible.

Mary Boente, REALTOR

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So glad I chose Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors as my home! There has never been a moment that I questioned my choice. You begin with extensive training on all forms and documents. Weekly meetings keep you up to date with changes and pertinent information. And there is always an emphasis on doing anything we do correctly and with the utmost integrity. And in addition to office camaraderie, support and exchange of ideas, the company makes sure we have the latest and greatest tools to accomplish any task. Thanks for the never ending support!

Kay MacIntire, REALTOR

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Something I absolutely love and stand by is that Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors supports agents and provides FREE endless training/learning opportunities! After filling out my out my class passport, I have earned a $300 gas card to celebrate! I love my company! The support is ENDLESS! I couldn’t be more proud to work for the best company around! If you have thought of becoming a real estate agent, I’d love to talk to you and welcome you to our company!

Megan Wiegand, REALTOR

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Having worked for Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors for over 25 years I can attest to the fact that they are one of the best companies to work for. The brokers are there to support you and train you to ensure you are successful. They provide all the marketing materials you need to run your business and train you on how to use them. We all work as a team.

Sally Hohn, REALTOR

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I knew CBBR was the right place. I've never felt more welcomed and treated so kindly in any other place.

Sylvia Peterson, REALTOR

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This summer I will celebrate my 4th year in real estate. It's so rewarding representing my clients. They're all so amazing and appreciative. I made the move to Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors (CBBR) a year ago. It's an amazing real estate company driven by ethics, professionalism, training, and SUPPORT, to name a few. If you're a REALTOR, or wanting to become a REALTOR, please contact me and I will help you join our team of professionals. At CBBR our agents really are a cut above. The administrative support team make all the difference to help you grow your business and thrive.


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The company's advertising campaign has given us immediate recognition in the communities where we work. Most of the prospective clients I talk to have seen the commercials on tv.

-Diane Korte-Lindsey

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Broker managers and our office assistants handle questions and task that would normally affect the agent's time for working with clients & The Administrative staff is always available to "fix" or pass along any information to us very quickly when there are technical or Company based questions.

-Carla Owens

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